A new collection, another mood, seemingly opposite to the previous one: one thing we truly enjoy about fashion-making is how connected to the variety of our feelings it is, and how much contradiction is a part and a fuel of it. Change is the law, multiplicity is good, about-turns are welcome. This is to say that winter 22, coming after fall which was all about our woman delving into a new, dare we say more realistic scenario, swings another way: towards a trippy, nighttime folie kind of escapism, whilst retaining the palpable duality, the juxtaposition of the unabashedly feminine and the tomboy-ish, that is our signature. As denizens of our time, we keep witnessing a widespread desire to have fun, to own back the night, with the mystery and the amusement it entices, and the dressing escapades it solicits. The collection is a testament to that: it celebrates our glitzy dna, with a new spin, which has some grungy tones to it.

Bold colors and graphic animal prints capture the spirit of the season. Vivid notes of lime, oil, light blue, blue, red, watermelon mix with fluorescent hues of pink, green, orange and yellow. Black is featured throughout, further underlying the saturated intensity of the color palette. The chromatic juxtapositions accentuate the sensual geometry of the cuts, the sense of architectural precision of the pieces. Faultless tailoring is sculpted around the body and features oversized, curvaceous sleeves. Slashes and diagonal openings run on tops and dresses, letting glimpses of skin to peak through. Ostrich feathers cover the entirety of slouchy slacks and flats, to surreal effect. The tomboyish side of our personality is ever present: cargo pants, fluid trousers and shirts, oversized cardigans. For contrast, miniskirts and jackets have sharp cuts. Dresses are either form fitting, or elongated and loose, with a roaring twenties air to them that is brought in futuristic territory with cut-out transparent sequins that also swarm on matching headgear. Texture is fundamental: velvet, long haired wool and bouclé knit meant as a new kind of fur on jumpers and long cardigans. Shine adds the final polish of nighttime luster with crystals edging dresses or covering them entirely. Animal print bags, boots, architecturally-heeled shoes and embroidered caps complete the looks.

An eccentric take on our signature comes forward, nonchalantly.

February 02, 2023 — SN3 Antwerpen